Expertise is Everything

Practices & Services

Education in AWS

Regardless of the level of educational institution, HLT’s understanding of the business of schools and higher learning enable us to accelerate uptake of cloud and advance student interests.

AWS GovCloud

Government projects take a particular expertise in the regulatory and compliance processes, delivery, and standard of performance, and in this arena there‚Äôs nothing like experience. 

AWS Database Migrations

Learn about how HLT migrates data into new databases using the latest in AWS services and technologies to ensure secure, successful and fully tested migrations.

AWS Web Access Firewall (WAF)

Hidden Lake Technology utilizes AWS WAF to protect against DDoS and other attacks from bad actors, keeping your applications safe and secure.

AWS EC2 for Windows

Learn about how HLT integrates AWS EC2 with Windows technologies and other AWS services to construct secure and reliable cloud environments for our customers.

AWS Relational Database Service (RDS)

Hidden Lake Technology deploys this distributed relational database service for easy operation, scalability and administration automation.

AWS Systems Manager

Read about how we deploy AWS Systems Manager to ease the visibility and control of disparate AWS services into a single user interface.

AWS Config

HLT uses AWS Config to standardize the deployment of configurations onto AWS services, granting visibility into configuration variations and auditing.