Expertise is Everything

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Hidden Lake Technology

Hidden Lake Technology works with customers and our partner network to improve technology use across government and corporate America. Successful since 2008 because of our highly trained IT professionals and with the pedigree to prove it, HLT’s expertise stretches across the cloud, virtualization, system security, and data protection and recovery.

Our projects range from short term consultations to complex, multi-year deliveries involving innovative solutions, multiple parties, and strict deadlines. Contact Hidden Lake today to discuss your IT challenges.

Why Hidden Lake

Our mantra that “Expertise Is Everything” means our engineers and consultants are subject matter experts in every sense of the word. HLT maintains certifications and expertise on the cutting edge of the latest technology trends, but it requires more than this to be a successful services company. We focus on keeping abreast with the business needs of our customers as well, from federal procurement policies and regulations to corporate acquisition strategy.

Today, customers are grappling with the demands of big data, migrating to cloud, backup and recovery requirements and security compliance. Once again, Hidden Lake is leading the way in both the public and private sectors, mapping out and implementing solutions to these IT challenges big and small. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of information technology. Expertise is everything, your project demands it.

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It’s Different Partnering with Us

It’s different partnering with us. At Hidden Lake Technology, we team with value-added resellers, system integrators, IT specialists and more, providing end-to-end assistance through the duration of the sales and delivery cycles. Our sales team will work alongside your sales staff to develop capture strategy, create statements of work, plan projects, and pitch ideas to your customers.

We pride ourselves on responsiveness and resourcefulness. If you need that quote today, we’ll do our best to deliver. If a bid response requires a late night’s work, we’ll bring the coffee. And of course, when we implement a solution we’ll exceed your expectations. Our partnerships have endured because our partners know they can rely on us to deliver on time, every time.