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Harper College AWS Workspaces

Customer: Harper College

Date: 12/11/2019

Solution: AWS Workspaces


Harper College required a managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service environment to eliminate the complexities of managing hardware inventory and OS maintenance. In conversations with AWS, Harper College requested a partner experienced in the needs of higher education customers to discuss this cloud based VDI possibility, and Amazon Web Services recommended Hidden Lake Technology.


Hidden Lake Technology proposed building a small Workspaces environment for testing and validation before the customer committed a large funding amount to a full production environment. After some discussion and refinement regarding existing architecture compatibility and cloud specific business and technical concerns, the engagement was booked and scheduling was set.


AWS Workspaces was deployed following AWS best practices, which included configuring an AWS Virtual Private Computer (VPC), setting up storage volumes, and integration with AWS Key Management Service (KMS). In addition, HLT explored and provided guidance on future development of the environment including integration with the existing Learning Management System utilizing AWS Lambda, as well as compatibility with both on-premise and cloud-based Active Directory databases.


Harper College was satisfied with the capabilities of the AWS platform and AWS Workspaces services as illustrated by Hidden Lake Technology, and has moved forward toward a production level effort. By utilizing Workspaces, Harper College is able to reduce their dependency on local systems and streamline the management of their VDI process. Harper College and Hidden Lake Technology continue to discuss further possibilities of deploying AWS to solve customer IT challenges, and ensuring customer satisfaction with all AWS services.

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