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Harper College AWS Appstream

Customer: Harper College

Date: 11/13/2020

Solution: AWS Appstream


Harper College is a public community college in Illinois that was having issues with students not able to run critical applications on their home devices. As these applications are critical to the learning and development of the students taking these courses, a fix was needed that would be compatible with the college’s IT goals while allowing students to continue their coursework.


Harper College contacted a Hidden Lake Technology partner to discuss AWS services that could help them stream their resource intensive CAD application to their student body and faculty, who are often working on a variety of different personal devices. There was concern that many home devices may not be equipped with the appropriate components to support such an application, but that it was critical to multiple different courses and workloads.


HLT proposed an AWS Appstream 2.0 environment to provide the technical resources to run these applications for the student body and staff. HLT would provide cloud architecture and engineering services to deploy, secure and test this environment to ensure it met the requirements of the customer, and leave runbooks and documentation for the daily administration of this environment with the customer IT personnel.


Hidden Lake Technology engineers were deployed and created a production Appstream environment to support this application (and others). HLT also provided runbooks for the administration of these systems to customer IT staff, as well as consultation on future goals that may be met by AWS cloud services. Harper College utilizes this environment for the benefit of their engineering students and staff in a variety of different levels of coursework.

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