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AWS Security

AWS Secured Server Enviroments

AWS Security

With the recent major security breaches of web service providers, retail companies, credit bureaus, governments and universities across the world, addressing the security posture of your IT environment is more important than ever.  As your investment in your cloud environment grows, ensuring the safety and security of your sensitive data is crucial to future success.

Hidden Lake Technology’s Professional Services team offers penetration testing and security auditing for your AWS cloud environment with expert recommendations to secure your data from attackers.  This analysis will provide detailed documentation on current vulnerabilities and remediation measures, including:

Sample Services

All testing is noninvasive and will not impact your day-to-day activities

AWS Security Best Practices Review for all active services
External Network/Firewall Penetration Testing
External Web Application Penetration Testing
Security Documentation and Expert Recommendations
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Expand this engagement to include remediation measures for deployment, security compliance protocols or more extensive professional services consulting to reach and maintain top industry standards.

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