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AWS Managed Services Program

AWS Managed Services

AWS Managed Services Program

Hidden Lake Technology (HLT) understands the challenges involved with implementing a cloud solution and maintaining it throughout its lifecycle. Not every customer has the same goals, environment, requirements or support. To address these challenges and before starting the delivery of managed services, HLT offers a four-week discovery engagement with the goal of documenting your AWS environment and establishing a base level upon which to build.

*Discovery engagement not required for managed services following a professional services implementation

This $12,000.00 engagement includes documentation deliverables, but the general goal is to understand your specific needs. With this data in hand, HLT and the customer can determine exactly what managed services should look like for the long-term, short-term, and now. The weekly deliverables, proposed meetings and schedule are listed below.

Week #1
Kick-Off Call Introductions
Meeting with Stakeholders
Deliverable Goals and Strategies
Week #2
Meeting with Application and Database Teams
Deliverable Best Practices (Top 5 Services)
Week #3
Meeting with Infrastructure and Management Teams
Deliverable Architecture Diagram and Potential Recommendations
Week #4
Meeting with Security and Monitoring Teams
Deliverable Recommended Tier, Long Term Strategy and Example Monthly Deliverables

Following this discovery period, HLT devises a four-tier managed services offering to accommodate all customers and meet them where they are in their cloud journey. The Hidden Lake Technology Managed Services team will work in coordination with AWS or partner-led support teams to ensure coverage of customer environments and proper response to all incidents.

Created and deployed based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework, HLT’s Managed Services Program allows customers to identify and procure the right blend of services for their needs. Whether it’s to scale up or down quickly, ensure performance and reliability, optimize costs, or overall productivity for your organization, HLT Managed Services Program has you covered.

AWS Managed Services Program Offerings


Standard Plan

$5,000 – $10,000/month

8 Business Hour response SLA
8 hours of complimentary Professional Services monthly
General notifications and security alerts via CloudWatch
Monthly reporting on AWS health status
General HLT Team support
IAM Policy Management


Advanced Plan

$10,000 – $20,000/month

4 Business Hour response SLA
24 hours of complimentary Professional Services monthly
Advanced notifications and security alerts via CloudWatch, Config, Security Hub, Backups, etc
Patch and Remediation Services
Weekly reporting on AWS health status
Well-Architected  Framework review and support
AWS cost management and proposed savings
Designated Technical Account Manager support


Professional Plan

$20,000 – $35,000/month

2 Business Hour response SLA
80 hours of complimentary Professional Services monthly
Database and server support
Authority to Operate Support
Incident and Response Management
Designated Multi-Member Team support
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Compliance Support
Best Practices Review


Premium Plan

Call for Price Quote

Custom tasks and SLAs to be negotiated, including customer specific requests such as:
Application support
Non-standard hours
Custom support as needed

*Higher tiers include services of lower tiers unless otherwise noted.

*Managed Services pricing is matched to the needs of the customer, the below ranges are provided for budgetary purposes

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