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Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Amazon Relational Database Service

Hidden Lake Technology deploys RDS regularly on customer environments, utilizing hundreds of tables servicing thousands of concurrent requests extensively researches cloud engineering best practices to stay up to date on the cutting edge technologies utilized in cloud environments. We have the expertise and experience in highly regulated, highly compliant environments to seamlessly deliver a database migration whether your goals are performance optimization, cost optimization, or a more reliable infrastructure.

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The HLT Advantage

Hidden Lake Technology has deployed RDS in conjunction with a variety of available database engines, using the AWS Database Migration Service to easily migrate existing databases. For customers that are either looking for expanded capabilities, cost savings over Commercial-Off-The-Shelf software licenses, more reliable platforms, or any combination of the three, HLT can utilize RDS to get it done. When it comes to complex database builds, Hidden Lake Technology is equipped to accelerate customer uptake of the AWS cloud regardless of size or workload.

Choose the right database engine, taking performance, reliability and cost considerations into account
Operational and Performance Planning: step-by-step outlines of all engineering to ensure rapid success
Health Metrics: monitor the status of your environment utilizing Config and CloudWatch metrics and alarms
Testing and Validation: ensure your environment fits your needs via UAT protocols and the new database is tested with other AWS infrastructure components
Secure your databases with AWS security tools like AWS Identity and Access Management
Reliable databases utilizing Database Replication and Failover

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