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The Case For Cloud
It’s What’s Next

Cloud is the cutting edge infrastructure behind the leading technologies of our time. Offering greater performance, reliability and cost savings than traditional on premise hardware, leveraging the cloud can bring your IT initiatives to the next level. Whether you’re a highly regulated industry, government agency, educational institution or a small family business, cloud technology can improve the way your team operates.

Delivering A Stronger
Value Proposition and Better ROI

The decisions about your cloud environment are yours, but the expertise is ours. Let us advise you on the best way to leverage cloud to meet your IT challenges.

Hidden Lake provides engineering and IT business expertise that understands your business as well as your technical infrastructure. Our experts consult on everything from the finances of cloud to delivery logistics and technical strategy to ensure that your cloud solution meets the needs of every stakeholder.

Ready to
Jump Through Hoops

Built To Meet Your Requirements, Not The Other Way Around

Your organization is unique, and so are your technical needs. HLT provides tailored solutions to meet you on your level, whether you’re just learning about cloud or are an advanced user.

Personal, Dedicated Resources
From A Right-Sized Partner

Rapid, Direct, Continuous Access To Expert Resources

Hidden Lake assigns engineers and architects to your account and leaves them there- you’ll know the name of the people on your account and they’ll know yours.

We keep our organization flat to eliminate bureaucracy. Need a senior team member? Have quick access to anybody on our team.

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White Label and
Direct Partner Services

The Expertise You Need to Knock Your Clients’ Socks Off

Growing your cloud practice and need engineering expertise?

Hidden Lake provides subcontracted or white label cloud engineers and architects under your brand name to add skillsets to your bench, expand your bandwidth or even create an engineering department from scratch.

The Expertise To Deliver Reliably
Lean and Focused on What We Know Well

“We like doing things a little differently, having relationships and trust with our customers, and working with their unique needs.”